The following races from the Player’s Hand Book are allowed in the game:
Dwarves (“Hill Dwarves” are referred to as “Sea Dwarves” but are otherwise unchanged")
Gnomes (“Forest gnomes” are referred to as “coastal gnomes” but are otherwise unchanged")
Elves (“Drow” are more commonly referred to as “dark elves”)
Half-Orcs (the stats for “Half Orc” in the book are to be used for full-blooded Orcs)

The following races are not allowed:

The following, additional homebrew races are allowed in the campaign. Bear in mind these have not been tested for balance, and so they may be either too weak or too powerful when compared to official races:

Stat adjustments: +2 dex, +1 wis
Size: Small
Speed: 25ft.
Languages: Common, goblin, one extra language of choice
Traits: Nimble Escape: You may make the disengage action as a bonus action a number of times per day equal to your wisdom modifier. You may take the hide action a number of times per day equal to your dexterity modifier. Both of these abilities reset after a long rest.

Stat adjustments: 1 to all six stats or +2 to one stat of your choice
Size: Medium
Speed: 30ft.
Languages: Common, goblin, one extra language of choice
Traits: Martial Advantage: You add 1d4
either your dexterity or strength modifier (whichever is higher) to a number of weapon attacks made against enemies adjacent to your allies. You may use this feature a number of times per long rest equal to your strength or dexterity modifier (whichever is higher).

Stat adjustments: +2 dex, +1 int
Size: Small
Speed: 25ft
Languages: Common, goblin
Traits: Pack tactics: You have advantage on attack rolls against enemies adjacent to your allies for an amount of rolls equal to your intelligence modifier. This feature resets after a long rest. Darkvision 60ft.

Stat adjustments: +2 con, +1 cha
Size: Medium
Speed: 35 ft.
Languages: Common, Giant
Traits: Big Boned: An ogre may act as if it is one size category larger in situations where it is advantageous, but it does not physically take up any more space than normal for its size. Darkvision 60ft.


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