The Federated Republics of Thalaxia, commonly referred to as the FTR or simply Thalaxia, is a nation in Anremar. Thalaxia is arguably the dominant cultural and economic powerhouse of Akritus. Thalaxia is comprised of ten republics, nine of which are contiguous and located in Anremar, with the tenth, Olea, being located across the Kratein Sea on Guresh between the Orcish Sultanate and El-Hadast. Thalaxia is ruled by a Consul, who is simultaneously head of state, head of government, commander in chief of its military forces and the highest authority of the state religion, Tyrannomachia. Each individual republic in Thalaxia is governed by an elected Potentate and a Republican Senate, in addition to a larger National Senate. The capitol of Thalaxia is Tibero and its largest city is Direne. The current Consul of Thalaxia is Enzo Dablone. The national motto of Thalaxia is “Liberty, Prosperity, Audacity” and its national emblem is a hydra with one foot trampling a crown and grasping a fasces with the other. Initially, the hydra had nine heads, but after the addition of Olea to the nation, a tenth head was added.

Thalaxia’s culture is dominated by the state religion of Tyrannomachia, developed during its revolution. It is a thoroughly mythological religion, relying, as most human religions do, on heroes and morality, but unlike all other world religions, Tyrannomachia derives its roots from recent events. Scholars contend that it is a variation of the common human tendency towards hero cults and ancestor worship, though the administrative functions of the government have been wholly subsumed by the government. Much of the religion centers around the worship of so-called Geniuses, men and women of exceptional ability and virtue recognized as such by the government. A vote in the national senate is required to name someone a genius, as well as demonstrable proof of a great feat, discovery or miracle. Due to the latter requirement, most canonized geniuses tend to be artists or scientists, often becoming the patron of their specific discipline.

The central figures of Tyrannomachia are Generalissimo Raymondo Cavalcanti and the Nine Undersigned, all of whom were active during the revolution. Cavalcanti was the nation’s first Consul and leader of its revolutionary armies, while the Undersigned were all statesmen and delegates from the cities and provinces that would eventually become the first nine Republics of the FTR. Cavalcanti and the Undersigned were all signatories of the Declaration of War Against the Crown, the first document referring to an independent Thalaxian state. The Declaration of War Against the Crown is subject to some controversy, as its wording could be interpreted to be opposed to either the ruling dynasty of Tizea or the very concept of monarchy. The official position of the Thalaxian government is the latter, which has caused the state to support virtually every revolutionary and separatist movement against monarchs.

Thalaxians are a devout and enthusiastic people. The concept of liberty is one they embrace, and there is no quicker way to find yourself on the receiving end of a tongue-lashing than to tell a Thalaxian they “cannot” do something. “Moderation” is practically unheard of in Thalaxia, and there is a whole industry that revolves around making sure people spend their money in the most public of ways. Thalaxian cities are lined with massive heroic statues depicting events from the revolution, Thalaxian meals could feed entire families (which is why wood elves are never invited to dinner), and you will know if a Thalaxian is anywhere in a room because you will hear them long before you see them… and once you do, they will enthusiastically inform you about the fact that they are Thalaxian.

A very important facet of Thalaxian dominance is their absolute mastery of scrying magic. Traders and sailors had historically used crystal balls and other divination arrays to relay messages from their ships to others, but it was the Thalaxian Revolutionary Army that developed the technology first for war, and then for propaganda, and finally, entertainment. Standard issue for Thalaxian soldiers is a magic mirror capable of producing both sound and moving pictures, often used to coordinate troop movements in the field. Crystal balls with pre-recorded messages of dissent were used to turn opinion against the king during the revolution, and whenever Thalaxia is supporting an insurrection, you will often find balls of obviously Thalaxian make. Entire stage plays, typically featuring the adventures of Il Generalissimo or perhaps the later Purple Huntsmen (black ops bounty hunters who were tasked by the nascent government of Thalaxia to hunt down and extradite members of the former royal family) ensure not only Thalaxia’s cultural dominance, but their attempts to win the hearts of younger generations. All over the world, people are speaking the Thalaxian slang of Sabere, wearing Thalaxian-style dungarees and, worst of all: telling off people who tell them that they “cannot” do something.


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